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Lost Takes

Photobook Design

Printing supervision

Together with

Tobias Bijl

Ellen Sanders

Jos Morree

Marco Kokkelkoren

Printinghouse Mart Spruijt


The Best Dutch Book Designs 2017

Prix de la Photographie 2018

Nederlandse fotoboekenprijs 2019

Time period


Tobias Bijl is a Dutch documentary photographer and artist. With a fascination with repetitive patterns in history, he investigates the intersection between collective memory and evolution. In long-term and research-based projects he creates, collects, and connects visual material to construct new work. Together with Tobias and his team, we designed the photobook Lost Takes.

We had the pleasure of designing the photobook Lost Takes together with Tobias Bijl. The photobook is constructed around two storylines that focus on the importance of establishing the truth: On the one hand, what took place during the fall of the enclave Srebrenica and on the other hand, what happened to the photo roll of evidence afterward. The book has been nominated by The Best Dutch Book Designs 2017, Prix de la Photographie 2018, and Nederlandse fotoboekenprijs 2019.

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