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Disarming Design from Palestine


Communication Design

Multimedia Design

Together with

Rand Abu Al-Sha’r

Hasan Abu Siam

Siham Abu Nimeh

Saber Abu Masoud

Time period


Disarming Design from Palestine is an independent non-profit project fostering thought-provoking designs from Palestine. This Design is to pass on the stories that reflect the complex reality of inhabitants of the Gaza refugee camp. Each of the useful objects carries a unique story. A collaboration between Disarming Design from Palestine, Amman Design Week, the cultural center Darat al Funun, and the Gaza refugee camp.

"Asja is a nice girl, she always asked me for my opinions about the embroidery. This small act made me feel seen and validated."

Siham Abu Nimeh Embroidered Gaza refugee camp

We had the privilege of collaborating with the residents of the Gaza refugee camp to assist them in sharing their intricate narrative of enduring life in a state of limbo as refugees. These efforts helped them spread their stories and helped them increase their income by making and selling the 'Za'tar w Zeit olive' bowls.

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