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Het was niet mijn oorlog

Photobook Design

Exhibition Design

Printing supervision

Together with

Caroline Kist

Nicole Segers

De Monsterkamer

Printinghouse Zwaanlenoir

Book binder Patist

Kochxbos Gallery

Time period


Caroline Kist is a Dutch photographer with an interest in the intergenerational effects of trauma. Together with Caroline and her team, we designed the photobook and exhibition layout 'Het was niet mijn oorlog' (It Was Not My War).

"Asja intuitively captured the heart and soul of my story from the outset. Her remarkable ability to translate the essence of the book into a compelling and nuanced design was truly extraordinary. She brought my vision to life. The entire process, guided by Asja, unfolded seamlessly, from selecting the perfect paper to collaborating with the printer. She gracefully introduced me to a new world, ensuring that every decision we made was approached with attention and thoughtful deliberation. It was a genuine delight to appreciate and honor each and every detail along the way."

Caroline Kist Photographer

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Caroline Kist to design the photobook and exhibition layout for 'Het was niet mijn oorlog' (It Was Not My War). This remarkable project delves into a visual exploration of the intergenerational impact resulting from three years of captivity in the Japanese camp Halmaheira on Java, during the colonial era in the Dutch East Indies. Through the voices of three generations within the family, the photobook captures their poignant story. It follows the father, his daughter, and his then six-year-old grandchild as they each share their unique perspectives on the enduring effects of past trauma.

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