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The Studio

We seek to create an impactful and meaningful narrative that speaks to our commitment of empathy, collaboration, and justice.

We want to use our brand to bring attention to the voices that are often unheard in the Western-world.

Asja Keeman

Asja Keeman, 2021, photo by Repko van Husen and Eline Vis

Asja Keeman

Photo by Jet Siemons fotografie

Our story

Our vision is to create a safe, serene space where people can feel inspired and empowered. Our mission is creating meaningful, authentic visual experiences by using the art of storytelling and Graphic Design to amplify unheard stories.

Join us and let's work together to make a difference. Together, we can strive towards building a better world where empathy, collaboration, and justice are at the forefront of our collective efforts.

Our core values




Our team

We take pride in fostering collaborative relationships with esteemed experts across diverse domains. By partnering with these accomplished professionals, we ensure that our clients receive outcomes that are both precise and of the highest quality.


Communication design

Using visual language and design principles to create compelling and engaging visual communication that conveys information clearly, enhances user experiences, and fosters effective communication between brands, organizations, and their target audiences.


Finding the perfect balance in layout, utilizing appropriate typography, and selecting impactful images are essential aspects in effectively conveying a message through various mediums intended for public distribution or circulation, such as books, brochures, and annual reports.

Education design

Using visual design, instructional design, and educational psychology, education design seeks to optimize the learning experience, foster creativity, and critical thinking, and empower learners to acquire knowledge and skills in meaningful and transformative ways.


The thoughtful arrangement and presentation of photographs in a book or zine format, creating a cohesive visual narrative by carefully considering factors such as image sequencing, page composition, and the relationship between text and visuals to enhance the overall storytelling experience.


The creation of immersive and impactful digital experiences that captivate audiences and enhance communication through a combination of visual, auditory, and interactive elements.

Exhibition design

The creation of immersive and engaging environments to showcase artwork, artifacts, or information in a physical exhibition or gallery space.


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NL Humanity House

NL Next Nature Network

NL VluchtelingenWerk

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NL Tobias Bijl

NL Ruben Pater

NL Mariëtte Lock

NL Killing Architects

NL The Digital Period

NL Palestinian Embassy The Netherlands

DE Háwar Help

BE Are We Europe

BE Fomu Antwerpen

BE European Parliament Brussels

BE Disarming Design from Palestine

CA Alexa Vachon

CA Nathaniel Brunt

CG Young Africa International

YE Netherlands Embassy Yemen

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