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Fomu Antwerpen


Multimedia Design

Together with

Georges Senga

Kristof Titeca

Rein Deslé

Gilliam Ganzevles

Lotte Dierckx

Innocent Aloyo

Victor Olaya

Elisabeth Cluzel

Patrick Edmond

Gauthier Marchais

Naomi Vandenbroeck

Mia Verstraete

Sarah E. Watkins

Time period


Fotomuseum Antwerpen is a Belgian museum of photography. This collaboration involves the development of the multimedia project Rebel Lives: photographs from Inside the LRA.  A collaboration between FOMU Antwerpen, George Senga, and Kristof Titeca. Made possible by the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

"It was wonderful to witness how Giliam Ganzevles and Asja Keeman were able to turn the complex and layered project Rebel Lives: photographs from inside the LRA into a captivating multimedia story."

Rein Deslé Curator and editor at FOMU Antwerpen

We had the pleasure of designing the multimedia story for FOMU Antwerpen which effectively transformed their exhibition Rebel Lives into an online platform. The story talks about life inside the rebel movement: based on photographs taken by LRA commanders between 1994 and 2004, this project documents life within violent circumstances and depicts the rebels as they wanted to be seen among themselves and by the outside world. For the digital experience, it was important to choose the right visual style and to design the layered narrative in a way so that most people, without knowing the exhibition, would be able to grasp the essence of this compelling story. This all while making sure to treat this sensitive story with respect.

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