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Migration Trail


Multimedia Design

Together with

Alison Killing

Josie Gardiner

Michelle Feuerlicht

Sarah Saey

Thomas Lievestro

Bora Yoon

Anik See

Elnathan John

Nadia Asfour

Zarghuna Kargar

Omar Shamil Mohammed

Nayief Salameh

Michelle Chakkalackal

Luke Gilder


Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2018

CIVIS Media Prize Europe 2018

One World Media Awards 2018

Time period

2017 - 2018

Killing Architects uses architecture and urban planning skills to investigate urgent social issues, from surveillance in cities, to the migration of people. They use maps and data to investigate and tell stories, develop new investigative and storytelling techniques and train others to use them too. Together with Alison and her team, we designed the multimedia story Migration Trail.

We had the pleasure of designing the multimedia project Migration Trail together with Alison Killing. Migration Trail is a project that uses maps, data, and audio to join the dots of a story spread across Europe and beyond. The maps and data visualization on this website retrace the journeys of people setting out from the shores of North Africa and Turkey in search of a better life in Europe. The stories are told in real-time, over ten days. For ethical reasons, the characters are fictional, although the stories are based on true events. The story progresses in real-time, to convey urgency and immediacy for what is happening. The project has been nominated by the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, CIVIS Media Prize Europe and One World Media Awards.

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