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Humanity House

Communication Design

Education Design


Together with

Together with

Hanneke Propitius

Dyonne van Haastert

Maaike Lauweart
Demi van de Worp

Audrey Mussoni

Time period

2015 - 2020

Humanity House brings humanitarian themes to life through thought-provoking conversations. The organization's mission is to inspire individuals to make a positive contribution to the world by educating them on pressing global issues. This major project involved the development of various communication and educational materials. Such as brochures, annual- reports, posters, social media visuals, and teaching materials. 

"Asja Keeman has the "Humanity-House-feel" in both her creations and mindset, which is why she has been our creative partner for many years. We greatly benefit from her creative and professional eye. In addition, she is very pleasant to work with."

Communications advisor at Humanity House

We had the pleasure of designing the communication and educational materials for the Humanity House that effectively conveyed the organization's mission and objectives consistently and professionally. These efforts reinforced their message and helped increase their local impact.

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