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Are We Europe

Communication Design

Multimedia Design

Together with

Job Zomerplaag

Stijn Frankfoorder

Giliam Ganzevles

Gina Siliquini

Glenn Westenberg

Marc Mahfoud

Julian Buijzen

Vera Vaessen

Time period

2020 - 2022

Are We Europe is a driver for borderless journalism. Explore the underreported sides of Europe through their border-breaking stories. This collaboration involves the development of various communication materials. Such as brochures, posters, flyers, and banners. That helped them present their multimedia project 'Hier' in Europa. A collaboration between Are We Europe, Studio Europa Maastricht, and Dear Hunter. They were supported by the European Union. 

"Asja Keeman is a Graphic Designer who starts from the strength of the mission of the organization and with her way of working succeeds in making the projects more impactful."

Job Zomerplaag Coordinator at Are We Europe
'Hier' in Europa

We had the pleasure of designing the communication materials and multimedia project for Are We Europe, Studio Europa Maastricht, and Dear Hunter, which effectively launched their project 'Hier' in Europa. 

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