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Studio Europa Maastricht

Communication Design

Promotion materials

Social Media templates

Together with

Valentino Von den hoff

Amber-Helena Reisig

Time period

2021 - today

Maastricht as a place to work and meet for a debate, to bounce ideas around, and to develop a vision around European themes – that’s the ambition of Studio Europa Maastricht. This ongoing collaboration involves the development
of various communication and promotion materials. Such as brochures, annual reports, posters, and Social Media templates. This helps them present their mission and goals in a consistent and professional manner.

"At Studio Europa Maastricht, we have been working with Asja for two years to our great satisfaction. She designs for us brochures, posters, and templates for social media messages, among other things. It is a pleasure working with Asja. She is not only friendly but also thinks along with us in terms of content. In addition, she is flexible, even when it comes to short deadlines, and the quality of her work is high. We look forward to continuing to realize successful projects with her."

Valentino Von den hoff - Communications advisor at Studio Europa Maastricht

We have the ongoing pleasure of designing the communication and promotion materials for Studio Europa Maastricht that effectively conveyed the organization's mission and objectives consistently and professionally. These efforts reinforced their message and helped increase their local impact.