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The Digital Period

Art Director

Brand Identity Design

Communication Design

Together with

Judith Blijden

Sacha Verheij

Time period


The Digital Period is a platform that raises awareness and understanding about the impact of technology. The project examines, through open conversations, what exactly is going on behind period tracking apps many use daily. This project involved the development of the overall art direction, a custom brand identity, and several Podcast visuals.

"Asja helped to create the identity of my project the digital period. She was a great help in untangling the concepts central to my project (Autonomy, technology, social relationships) and not only created a wonderful identity, but her insights also increased my own understanding of what I wanted to achieve with my project. She is also calm, kind, and super timely."

Judith Blijden Initiator The Digital Period

We had the pleasure of designing the brand identity, overseeing communication, and managing the entire art direction for The Digital Period. Our aim was to effectively convey the project's mission and objectives in a consistent and professional manner. Through these efforts, we were able to reinforce their message and significantly enhance their outreach, and helped them with telling their story.

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