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Photographyzine Design

Communication Design

Multimedia Design

Together with

Alexa Vachon

Masoumeh Mohammadi

Time period

2022 - 2023

'Masoumeh: In Hope of Peace' is a visual research about women’s experiences in the wake of conflict. This major project involved the development of a photozine, communication design, and multimedia design. We hereby used the metaphor of a 'time capsule' to convey the idea of preserving Masoumeh's personal memories and experiences in Afghanistan as a women's football coach.

Alexa Vachon

We had the privilege of collaborating with Alexa Vachon and Masoumeh Mohammadi to design and amplify the personal story of Masoumeh. It was a true honor to bring her narrative to life and ensure her story resonated with audiences, allowing Masoumeh's story to be heard.

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