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Photobook Design

Exhibition Design

Printing supervision

Together with

Mariëtte Lock

Joost van den Broek

Marc Gijzen

Printinghouse Tripiti


Brussels Street Photography Festival 2023

Dutch Photographers 2023

Time period


Mariëtte Lock is a Dutch documentary and portrait photographer. Her work is a mix of socially engaged projects and portrait photography and centers around social groups and communities. Together with Mariëtte and her team, we designed the photobook and the exhibition layout for Herenstraat.

"Working with Asja is a great pleasure. She shows outstanding commitment to the subject from the beginning and knows how to capture the essence of the story in an appropriate and distinctive book design. Her structured and careful way of working ensures the whole process is smooth and relaxed. In doing so, she incorporates not only my input but also the expertise of everyone involved in creating the book. Very nice and instructive! And Asja does not let go: after completion of the book she listens, advises, and thinks with me to take it one step further."

Mariëtte Lock Documentary and portrait photographer

We had the pleasure of designing the photobook Herenstraat together with Mariëtte Lock. The photobook is a response to the stigmatized image of the residents of Herenstraat portrayed by the local and national media. The book has been nominated by Dutch Photographers (DuPho) and the Brussels Street Photography Festival 2023.

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