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Tatiana Della Vedova, Cosa rimarrà


A subtle creative design that allows
the subject of the book to become a
true experience.

A visual research about immigration, and how people feel connected to their homelands for a long time. That, even after several generations, the bond with the homeland remains, and that it only slowly fades. About the feeling of being at home in both places without fully belonging to either one. About the desire to hold on and the inevitability of having to let go.


Anarchia photobook design

Cosa rimarrà photobook design


In 1927, Tatiana's grandfather emigrated from a small village in northern Italy to The Netherlands to establish himself as a Tarrazzo worker. Years later, Tatiana makes the same train trip he did at the time. She reflects on her family history and reflects on what this journey brought and took away from their family. Tatiana makes this journey countless times herself, visiting relatives in both Italy and the Netherlands, arriving and saying goodbye are two constitutes to every one of her visits. Memories and the connections of the country remain and are woven into each other. Through the passing of the landscape, the years and generations, the distance slowly but surely increases.


Cosa rimarrà photobook OTA binding


As you leaf through the book, you will experience what it feels like to go back and forth between two countries. In the book, we have not only symbolized this tug-of-war feeling in the editing of the book but also in the form of the moving landscape viewed from a train window. In which it is not clear whether you are arriving or departing in a certain country. It is a sensation Tatiana herself often describes throughout the project.


Cosa rimarrà photobook design



Tatiana Della Vedova




Photobook design
Exhibition design advice




Photographer Tatiana Della Vedova, editor Nicole Segers, graphic design studio Asja Keeman, printinghouse Raddraaier SSP, bookbinder Patist, documentation The Book photographer.

Exhibition venue

2019, Loods 6, the Netherlands


2020, 2nd by International Photography Awards (IPA)


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