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Repko van Husen, Anarchia


Bright and creative design that perfectly matches the subject of the book resulting in a unique end result.

Documentation of a group of left-wing activist youth occupying the Hambacher forest with tree houses next to one of the largest mines in Germany to stop its expansion. I was asked to design the photobook Anarchia by photographer Repko van Husen. 


Anarchia photobook design

Anarchia photobook design


For over one year Repko followed a group of activists occupying a small strip of forest next to one of the biggest mines in Germany to stop its expansion. A few decades ago, there was still a large forest here with more than ten times as many trees, and for the last few years, this last remnant has been defended with treehouses. What motivates this group of people to give up everything and move into these treehouses? During his stay in the forest, Repko became increasingly involved with the group and learned to better understand their ideologies and way of life. After many conversations at the campfire, he found out that it’s about much more than just protecting this forest. This is a community striving for a society without hierarchy and structure.


Anarchia photobook thread sewing binding


"Asja made sure I was involved in the whole process and we worked closely together. Everything was discussed and she also took my suggestions to heart. I have not experienced this with a designer before."

Repko van Husen, photographer


The anarchist way of thinking is reflected in different ways in the book. By using very present white spaces in the design and the typographic choice for a stencil letter, the book reflects the same strong attitude as the group of activists.

The book is bound by using the thread sewing binding, which is a long-lasting technique. It's used primarily to bind hardcovers and high-quality softcovers books. 

The book is printed symbolically on paper with the FSC quality mark. An organization committed to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide.


Anarchia photobook design



Repko van Husen





Photographer Repko van Husen, editors Nicole Segers and Joost van den Broek, translators Jack Eden and Stefanie Luchtenberg, graphic design studio Asja Keeman, printinghouse Zwaanlenoir, bookbinder Patist, documentation The Book photographer.

Photobook design

Exhibition venue





2020, Loods 6, the Netherlands
2021, Fotofestival Naarden, the Netherlands
2021, Dutch Design Week, the Netherlands



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