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Are We Europe & studio Europa Maastricht, 'Here' in Europa

Multimedia project, communication design

Sharing local dimensions of crossborder European issues.

A visual and personal story about life in the border region between The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany; about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and security in a border region— appealing to an international audience and the region’s local residents. I was asked to help them design the multimedia project.


'Here' in Europa' photos by Gina Siliquini


Are We Europe gathered a team of local storytellers and hosted a so-called “story design sprint”. Together with eight other participants, we produced the entire story, from pre-research and topic selection to location scouting, shooting videos, designing and writing text, to post-production — in just seven days.

The eight of us visited Heer, a little city southeast of Maastricht’s city center, where the Maastricht Treaty was signed. 'Here', as it’s pronounced in the local dialect. Is a neighborhood with tradition, a stronger sense of community, and culture. And, as it turns out, it’s a very European neighborhood as well. 

Through a series of personal portraits and interactive maps, the 'Here' in Europa story shows how decisions taken at the EU-level in Brussels affect local communities everywhere. From cross-border commerce to travel and social life; life in this region is a microcosm of Europe itself.



'Here' in Europa window displays


"With Asja you have a graphic designer in-house who starts from the strength of your organizations' story and with her way of working succeeds in making it even more powerful and beautiful."

Job Zomerplaag, programmaker studio Europa Maastricht


For the digital experience, it was important to choose the right visual style and to design the layered narrative in a way so that most people, without knowing the exact details of the treaty of Maastricht, would be able to grasp the essence of this compelling story. 

We decided to do a split-screen design referring to, both left-winged and right-winged politics. While designing the multimedia story we took into account the three European themes which are one, the Green Deal, two security in a borderless region, and three open borders and creative entrepreneurship. Each mini-story is personally told by one or more individuals from "Here" through photos, video, interactive maps, and texts. Showing how decisions taken at the EU-level in Brussels affect local communities everywhere.


The treaty of Maastricht credits Provincie Limburg



Are We Europe
studio Europa Maastricht




Coordinator and editor Job Zomerplaag, facilitator Stijn Frankfoorder, art director Giliam Ganzevles, graphic design studio Asja Keeman, photographer Gina Siliquini, videographer Glenn Westenberg, sound designer Marc Mahfoud, editor Julian Buijzen and journalist Vera Vaessen. With special thanks to everyone else who made this project possible.






studio Europa Maastricht, Dear Hunter, the European Union.



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