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Thana Faroq, I don't recognize me in the shadows

Exhibition design, communication design

Minimalist design with breathing room to handle a complex subject at a personal level.

A visual journey about leaving war-torn Yemen and experiencing asylum in the Netherlands. It also shows the Markazi refugee camp, the world’s only refugee camp for Yemenis in Djibouti where Yemeni refugees are currently stranded. I was asked to design the exhibition and communication materials by photographer Thana Faroq.


I don't recognize me in the shadows exhibition design


I don't recognize me in the shadows, visually articulate people’s struggle to leave countries where conditions of violence, war, and aggression are prevalent. Thana's own, and others', experiences are outlined in its many images and text illustrated from the view of the Markazi camp to the refugee housing compound in the Netherlands.


I don't recognize me in the shadows exhibition design

I don't recognize me in the shadows exhibition design


"Asja employed very engaging methods in working with me: she listens, she understands, and it's always more than one option of doing things. She had an admirable empathy towards my work and she employed her effective tools accordingly. She engages with research and innovative methods of making things happen. Not a surprise she constantly looks for answers to the big questions concerning the medium of photography and design. I am very honored that I have worked with her. "

Thana Faroq, photographer


The exhibition focuses on visualizing the trauma of leaving one country behind and adjusting their new status as refugees. It is brought from the first-person point of view through life-size portraits. The stories of other refugees are shown smaller and are placed more dynamic in the space.

The photos show both who have made the journey to another country and those who are still in camps in Yemeni. This is shown in photographs but also in small video shots.

While walking through the exhibition people are able to read handwritten notes of experiences, fears, and hopes of the refugees and asylum seekers, which makes this exhibition 
a dynamic and layered experience.

I don't recognize me in the shadows communication design



Thana Faroq


Photographer Thana Faroq, graphic design studio Asja Keeman, prints photolab Kiekie, exhibition space Pulchri studios.



Special thanks to

Open Society Foundation
Prince Clause Fund


Exhibition design
Communication design

Exhibition venue

2020, Pulchri studios, the Netherlands



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