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studio Europa Maastricht

Communication design, education design

Colorful designs that integrated three perspectives on European themes central to their communications and identity design.

studio Europa Maastricht is the place to work and meet for a debate, bounce ideas around, and develop a vision around European themes. I was asked to design their communications and social media.


studio Europa Maastricht communication design


Europe is what we Europeans make of it together. Every day anew. By how we deal with the freedoms we have acquired, our willingness to keep working on what could be better, or smarter or faster, or fairer. For ourselves, for our neighbors, and for other Europeans.

studio Europa Maastricht invites everyone to help build a collaborative European future. Move Europe forward together. They do so from three perspectives: research (fuelled by science), stories (based on citizenship), and heritage (supported by the Maastricht Treaty). Three perspectives that, like themes, are also central to their communication. 


studio Europa Maastricht Social Media Design


"Asja is very pleasant to work with, knows how to apply our wishes well, and at the same time bring in her own creativity. Beautiful work both online and offline!"

Roos Stalenhoef, communications advisor studio Europa Maastricht


The basis of the color palette of studio Europa Maastricht consists of yellow, dark blue, white, and light gray. Each color is assigned to one of the three pillars; stories, research, heritage. Their vision of "building a collaborative European future" is reflected in the building blocks that recur in all expressions. This not only gives a layered image but also ensures recognition of the visuals.



studio Europa Maastricht




Communication design
Education design


Communication adviser Roos Stalenhoef and Valentino Van den Hoff, Programme editor Annelies van Rijen and Office & communications officer Karlijn van Uijtert.



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