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Kevita Junior, Wanneer we opgroeien

Podcast, communication design

An immersive look at what it means to grow up between two cultures.

A podcast about the Hindustani generation of today. The Hindustani youth were born in the Netherlands and grew up with multiple traditions and cultures.  I was asked to design the podcast and exhibition by photographer Kevita Junior. 


Wanneer we opgroeien podcast design

Wanneer we opgroeien podcast design


Featuring and told by four Hindustani youth, the podcast Wanneer we opgroeien is an immersive look at what it means to belong to two very different cultures. The Hindustani youth were born in the Netherlands and grew up between multiple traditions and cultures. The participants of Wanneer we opgroeien, talk about the different elements that play an important role in shaping their identities and about their sense of belonging. 


Wanneer we opgroeien podcast design


"Asja is extremely involved and motivated and really puts her heart into her work. Besides that she always thinks along, she is also creative and very reliable. She has experience with different platforms and knows how to find the right translation. Asja is someone I would definitely recommend, especially because she thinks outside a set pattern."

Kevita Junior, photographer


Five empowering and uniquely personal profiles give a rare glimpse at the realities and interests of their contemporaries. With stunning photography from Kevita Junior herself and gifty design elements, Wanneer we opgroeien is a perfect tribute to the Hindustani youth of today.



Kevita Junior





Photographer Kevita Junior, editor Sonia Commandeur, editor Paul Staring, sound design Eetie Eet SoundDesign, graphic design studio Asja Keeman, With stories from Shivani Raghoenath, Rocher Koendjbiharie, Tilottema Kalpoe, Fazle Shairmahomed, and Kevita Junior

Podcast design
Communication design


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