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Humanity House

Communication design, education design, exhibition design

Minimalist design with illustrative elements to make complex issues more accessible to the youth.

Humanity House makes humanitarian themes debatable and invulnerable and inspires people to make a positive contribution to life. I was asked to design their communications and exhibitions.


Humanity House communication design


Humanity House, 2010 -2020, was an initiative of the Dutch Red Cross, with support from the City of The Hague and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission. The Humanity House is more than a museum, they were dedicated to telling the stories and experiences of refugees and victims of war and other conflicts. Humanity House makes humanitarian themes debatable. It is a combination of a museum environment and knowledge center that hosts debates, lectures, screenings, and educational activities


Humanity House Ervaringsreis exhibition design

 Humanity House exhibition design


"Asja was our regular graphic designer at Humanity House. I have enjoyed working with her very much. She is sharp, knowledgeable and besides her professional and creative eye, she is also very pleasant to work with."

Dyonne van Haastert, communications advisor Humanity House


The visual style of Humanity House is not directly derived from one of the partners, the Red Cross. The subject is not directly refugees, because, it is all about the visitor - as a refugee. Illustrative elements and small handwritten statements are used to add to this theme. The visitor becomes someone who sees his sense of safety and security disappear. You are given the opportunity to think about the theme yourself. And then afterward meet the people who have experienced it in real life.


 Humanity House communication design



Humanity House


2015 - 2020


Communication design
Education design
Exhibition design


Director Hanneke Propitius, communication advisor Dyonne van Haastert and Maaike Smulders, and other employees, graphic design studio Asja Keeman.



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